The Heretic – a global warming warning

Michaeal Billington in the Guardian wrote about the new play ‘The Heretic’   “I found the first half of Bean’s play pugnacious and entertaining. He is good on the dangers of heterodox thinking, the absurdity of academic bureaucracy, and the problems of treating climate change as a quasi-religion. He also writes one bitingly funny scene in which his heroine finds herself grilled by Jeremy Paxman in an exchange that spreads more heat than light.”

At last or at least the CO2 zealots are parodied or even laughed at. Of course to religious fanatics ridicule is a heinous crime demanding retribution. Climate change as it is now called has the same dimensions and believers as Red Communism once did. Whilst people like David Bellamy and Johnny Ball have so far only been targeted by campaigns of vilification and their reputations besmirched I hope the warriors of the Green movement go no further and resort to real violence.  With a generation of unquestioning children indoctrinated at school from an early age with the ideas and images of disappearing cuddly polar bears who knows where the dictatorship of the proletariat may end.

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